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Connect any product to any cloud.

Cortet is a complete, turnkey connectivity suite which links your 'thing' to any cloud. It's an ensemble of four well-orchestrated connectivity layers built around an incredibly strong embedded core.

The Cortet concept is vastly different from other connectivity offerings since the control and monitoring functions are locally centered around your 'thing'. Alternative cloud-based systems simply can't match Cortet's locally-focused, latency-free connectivity.

Cortet Brochure

asset core

Connect your device using field proven, industry-leading hardware from a company with over 55 years of wireless heritage.

  • Modules
  • SiPs
  • IP Bridges
  • Wireless Products
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IP Bridges
Wireless Products

Ready-for-market, reliable, and secure embedded software libraries for multiple standards and ecosystems.

  • ZigBee ZigBee
  • Thread Thread
  • BlueTooth Bluetooth
  • Wi-Fi Wi-Fi
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An intelligent IoT app that blends ubiquitous cloud access with zero-latency local control.

The Cortet App is built on top of an app engine that allows for a mobile device to connect directly to a local network of devices (i.e., through an IP bridge). This results in extremely low latency and reliable two-way control. When you tell a device to do something, it does it immediately. When the Cortet App leaves the proximity of the network, it seamlessly switches to remote, cloud-based control.

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Connect to any cloud and ecosystem.

The Cortet Cloud is an API-rich cloud built to be simple yet deeply robust.  It is built on top of a proven and secure architecture which is intently designed to have simple pricing and easy-to-use APIs.

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Over 55 Years of Excellence!

For over 55 years, Fortune 100s and small companies alike have looked to CEL for connectivity leadership.

With over 3 million of its MeshConnect wireless modules shipped to date, CEL has become one of the most trusted companies to turn to for IoT & M2M solutions.

Contact us today to see how we can help you harness the power of wireless connectivity.

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