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San Jose, CA

March 5, 2015

Boston, MA
March 26, 2015


ZigBee® Demos

• HA1.2 devices (Philips Hue
   Lights, Smart Plug, Smart
   Water Valve) talking to
   tablet via CEL USB Stick



Arrow Internet of Things
Immersions 2015

CEL showcased their MeshWorks™ Platform at the Arrow Internet of Things Immersions in San Jose, California and Boston, Massachusetts on March 2015 in Arrow's Smart City sector.  If you happen to stop by we would like to thank you for your time.

In case you missed the show or would like to inquire about MeshWorks or any MeshConnect Products International or domestic customers can contact our sales support team via email here.

Enjoy some images from both shows below.

IMG_0045 IMG_0048 IMG_0051 IMG_0068 IMG_0455 IMG_0451 IMG_0467