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Antenna Testing

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  1. MeshMan avatar
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    11 Mar 2015
    02 Apr 2015
    OK I have a module at my desk and I believe it's transmitting but how do I know it's really transmitting?
  2. vreinhardt avatar
    53 posts
    08 Jul 2014
    09 Apr 2015 in reply to MeshMan
    Hi MeshMan,

    The easiest way to tell if you are transmitting is to look at the current that the module is drawing. Please take a look at our datasheet to get an idea of the TX currents for the various modules.  When the module is transmitting you should expect current draw ~44mA - 150mA depending on if you are using a low power (ZICM35xSP0) or high power (ZICM35xSP2) EM35x Mini Module.

    You will want to make sure to follow our software design guideline and ETSI, IC, and FCC power restriction that our listed in our datasheet.