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MeshConnect Peripherals

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  1. MeshMan avatar
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    11 Mar 2015
    11 Mar 2015
    What kind of Peripherals are supported on the MeshConnect minimodules?  I have I2C and SPI sensors I want to connect, can I do both on the same unit?
  2. vreinhardt avatar
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    08 Jul 2014
    19 Mar 2015 in reply to MeshMan
    Hi MeshMan,

    Almost all the peripherals that are supported on the EM35x are supported on our MeshConnect Mini-Modules -  peripherals like ADC, Timers, LED's, Button, Sensors, etc.

    I2C is called TWI (Two Wire Interface) in the EM35x documentation.  

    We recommend looking at the latest EM35x datasheet  from SiLabs along with our Hardware Developers Guide for recommended schematics in our ZICM35xSPx product section.   The integrated serial controller SC1 can be configured for SPI (master or slave), TWI (I2C master-only), or UART operation, and the serial controller SC2 can be configured for SPI (master or slave) or TWI (I2C master-only) operation.  There is also a virtual UART option if you use the ISA3 for development.  There may be a limitation if you are using OTA since this will require one serial controller be used for SPI FLASH so you might have to include another chip select.