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Bricked Ethernet gateway

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  1. DPeterson avatar
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    03 Mar 2015
    15 Apr 2015
    I bricked my Ethernet Gateway it won't show up on my network anymore, what can I do?  
  2. vreinhardt avatar
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    08 Jul 2014
    15 Apr 2015 in reply to DPeterson
    Hi Meshed Potatoes,

    There are two recovery mechanisms (1) Telnet and (2) Ethernet.

    We will be releasing a document that explain the gateway recovery procedure.  For now I will send you the document to the email you registered with at MeshConnect.

    Here is the Telnet Procedure:

    Get a Telnet Client (In the future our MeshWorks GUI will have Telnet built in).
    Download a Telnet client of your choice (We use Tera Term):

    Setup a Static IP Address:
    One way to do this on Windows 7/8 machines is to press the Windows key and type "Network
    Select view network connections
    Right click on your Local Area Connection and select properties ‐> Internet Protocol Version 4(TCP/IPv4)
    Type an IP address in the 192.168.1.x range, the gateway is on
    For example I'm using, with a default subnet mask of

    Power Down the MeshWorks Gateway:
    Power down the MeshWorks Gateway by removing the power jack.
    Put the MeshWorks Gateway into recovery mode:
    While holding the MeshWorks blue button down reconnect the power jack.

    Start a Telnet Session:
    Open TeraTerm and open a new TeraTerm session (Alt‐N).
    Select TCP/IP and Telnet and enter the IP address as
    Press Enter and you should see a Welcome Message and a Password prompt

    Enable Local Echo:
    Setup ‐> Terminal
    Turn on local echo so you can see what you are typing.

    Gain Access to the Gateway:
    Type the password: Monty

    Manually Enter two lines for the Mesh Network to Form:
    From here you should be able to issue the following commands, this will not be easy since console traffic will be issuing to the module:
    [This is an optional command to suspend all scripts]
    remote script pause fffd
    script new
    celPy.ApplicationName = “MeshWorks”
    script append
    celPy.DeviceName = “Gateway”
    script restart
    Check to see you Gateway is connected using the MeshWorks GUI:
    Your Gateway should now be connected. You should be able to connect to remote devices using the
    MeshWorks123 password and update the script as before.


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