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Connecting I2C temp/humidity

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  1. mech1 avatar
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    10 Feb 2015
    11 Mar 2015
    I have an I2C Temperature and Humidity Sensor (Honeywell HIH6120-021-001) and want to connect it to a MeshWorks sensor node.  How do I do this?  Also, how do I change the hardware connection inside the the sensor box to go to the external connector?  Thanks!
  2. vreinhardt avatar
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    08 Jul 2014
    11 Mar 2015 in reply to mech1
    Hi Mech1,

    There is already a nice tempature/humidity sensor on MeshWorks but I understand everyone has has their favorites or different requirements.

    The MeshWorks Sensor node has a I/O Expansion Port to allow you to power  and talk to I2C sensors like this.

    To use the I2C you will want to make sure your device is not using the I2C addresses that are reserved on MeshWorks please see the MeshWorks Developement Kit (I2C Sensors and the corresponding I2C Address Values).  I believe this sensor uses address 0x27 but you should double check.

    I took a quick look at this datasheet and it looks like this sensor is designed to work at ~3.3V (2.3 - 5.5V) .  If you are doing a battery application this sensor is not spec'd to work bellow 2.3V.

    There are pull-ups on SDA and SCL so you should not require them.  Give this a try and let us know how things go.

    Finally the MeshWorks sensor nodes come pre-loaded with example temperature and humidity I2C code.  Check out our MeshWorks Scripting Langauge Guide (log in required).  And our samples on GitHub.


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