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Serial API and AT commands for ZICM357SP2-1C module

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  1. DenisSazhaev avatar
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    05 May 2015
    05 May 2015

    I am currently in process of evaluating a couple of zigbee modules for the next version of our product, one of the options being ZICM357SP2-1C

    I have looked through the documentation I found, but did not see any relevant information so will ask here.

    Our "main" board is running Linux OS, and the idea is to connect the zigbee module as a daughter board and be able to configure and communicate with it through any protocol such as UART, I2C, SPI.
    The zigbee module will then be used to communicate with other similar devices running Linux with zigbee daughterboards and exchange data between them.
    I am curious whether the ZICM357SP2-1C module has any ready to go firmware written for it that supports this mode of operation, including AT commands as well as whether it supports reprogramming via UART (I have read that it has support for OTA)
    If not, is there any alternative you would recommend?

    Thank you in advance.
  2. vreinhardt avatar
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    08 Jul 2014
    24 Jun 2015
    Hi DenisSazhaev,

    Modules require a Silicon Labs EM35x-DEV(-IAR) kit for programming. Once a kit is purchased you will need to register with Silicon Labs and the software is downloadable through their support website @

    Please look at NCP (Network Co-Processor) or also know as EZSP documentation here.

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