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you and cortet

Cortet is a complete, turnkey connectivity suite which links your ‘thing’ to any cloud.  It’s an ensemble of four well-orchestrated connectivity layers built around an incredibly strong embedded core.

The Cortet concept is vastly different from other connectivity offerings since the control and monitoring functions are locally centered around your ‘thing’.  Alternative cloud-based systems simply can’t match Cortet’s locally-focused, latency-free connectivity.


Let's Get Started!

Identify Your Profit Opportunities via Connectivity



It’s not about getting on the IoT bandwagon, or succumbing to all of the hype.  It’s simply about capitalizing on new profit models.  

Let CEL help you identify ways to dramatically increase your product’s revenue potential through cloud connectivity.

Scope out Ecosystem Opportunities



Determine if your best option is to immediately seek membership within an existing ecosystem, or to pursue a more directed, autonomous ‘point solution’. 

Leverage CEL’s consultation services to get started on the optimal market path.

Pick Your First Wireless Standard & Build Hardware to Support it



Choose between ZigBee, Thread, Bluetooth or WiFi for your first connectivity product, knowing full well that you can easily migrate to the other standards as the need arises.  Market demands are constantly shifting, and the smart move is to stay nimble with pin-compatible module hardware. 

Bypass the pitfalls of RF design, RF production test, and FCC/IC/CE certifications by employing CEL's extensive line of Cortet modules and SiPs.

Create the Software to Support the Hardware



Either write your own firmware or employ Cortet’s extensive embedded software libraries to accelerate your implementation time.

Pick Connectivity & Control Options

connectivity Options


CEL’s Cortet platform was designed from the ground up to blend cloud access with extremely low latency local control.  Leverage CEL’s app framework or use CEL’s turnkey app development services to create enterprise-class mobile access to your connected device.

Multiply Market Reach with Connectivity Cloud APIs



Expand your market reach by connecting to multiple ecosystems through Cortet's cloud APIs.  Quickly migrate from a dedicated point solution to a participant in one of the more established ecosystems.  Access SmartThings, Control4, Iris, Amazon and dozens of other systems via simple cloud-to-cloud APIs.