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EM358x Mini Modules

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CEL's MeshConnect™ EM358x Mini Modules are based on the Ember EM3588 ZigBee® SoC from Silicon Labs. They are pin-compatible extensions to CEL's leading line of EM357-based modules and are available in low and high output power options (+8dBm and +20 dBm) to accommodate designers with various range and performance requirements.

The EM3588 SoC IC consists of an RF transceiver with a baseband modem, a hard-wired MAC and an embedded 32-bit ARM® Cortex™ -M3 microcontroller with internal RAM (64 kB) and Flash (512 kB) memory. When compared to the EM357 SoC, the new EM3588 provides significant increases in embedded memory with over 2.7x more flash and 5x more RAM.

The additional flash allows for more application storage and Over-The-Air programming capability without the need for space-consuming supplemental (external) system memory. The added RAM enables the modules to support ZigBee IPv6-based networks (like the ZigBee Smart Energy 2.0 standard and 6LoWPAN), handle complex tasks requiring RTOS (Real Time Operating Systems) capability, and support larger mesh networks.
Additionally, the EM3588 brings USB capability to the module series. The device's built-in USB controller allows users to quickly integrate ZigBee into existing devices with USB connectivity.

As Silicon Labs' module partner, CEL has companion kits that enable the Mini Modules to be directly integrated into the Ember Insight™ development tools for easy integration and development.

Key Features

  • Transmit Powers:
    • +8 dBm (ZICM3588SP0)
    • +20 dBm (ZICM3588SP2)
  • Sensitivity:
    • -100 dBm (ZICM3588SP0)
    • -103 dBm (ZICM3588SP2)

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