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MeshWorks™ Platform


The MeshWorks™ platform is a turnkey wireless solution which connects sensors and control peripherals to the cloud. This new system is novel in that it makes previously complex mesh networking systems incredibly fast and easy to implement for anyone with rudimentary python scripting skills. 

The complete platform consists of three key components:  A wireless Personal Area Network (PAN) which is powered by CEL's MeshConnect 2.4GHz 802.15.4 modules, a GUI-driven programming interface driven by the MeshWorks software suite, and cloud access which is facilitated by the MeshWorks Ethernet or OpenTether Cellular Gateway offerings.  Both gateway alternatives are offered as options within the MeshWorks™ development...MeshWorks™ also incorporates an optional Real-Time Locating Service (RTLS) technology from Buzby Works which can be implemented as supplemental code running on top of the MeshWorks™ firmware.

At the heart of the platform is the MeshWorks software suite - a powerful GUI programming tool outfitted with an extremely intuitive python script generator known as the ScriptNinja.  This patented, step-by-step scripting tool allows the novice to easily write scripts which can eventually be loaded directly onto end devices. No experience is needed with writing C code or being fluent in complex mesh networking protocols like ZigBee or Z-Wave.

Key Features

  • Powerful & Robust Self-Healing Mesh Networks
  • Exceptionally Easy to Implement Software
  • Prototyping in Mere Hours vs. Months
  • Leverages CEL's Wireless Solutions for Getting to Production Quickly
  • Easily Connects to the Cloud
  • Facilitates State-of-the-Art Monitoring & Control

Key Documents

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MeshWorks™ Overview

MeshWorks™ Out of the Box Experience

MeshWorks™ Environmental Demo

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Interested in Downloading MeshWorks ?

Register to receive access to CEL’s Members Center. Our technical staff will review your request within 48hrs. Once approved, log in to the Members Center and return to this page to view all available collateral, including the MeshWorks™ software, drivers, and relevant quick start guides.  North American users can download the MeshWorks™ software directly from the link below. 

Due to the relatively large file size associated with the software download, international users are encouraged to fill out a separate MeshWorks™ request form which gets sent to our technical support team.  This team will assist in setting up an alternative means for downloading the software package (such as a dedicated box account).


Domestic or International Form

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MeshConnect EM35x Programming Fixture

CEL's MeshConnect EM35x Mini Modules Programming Fixture is a programming assembly designed to be used with the CEL ZICM35xSPx MeshConnect™ Mini Modules. It is useful for production programming or during application development when multiple firmware images are required to be loaded into a CEL Mini Module for testing and debugging. The programming assembly must be used in conjunction with an Ember Debug/InSight Adapter (ISA3) from Silicon Labs.



Download MeshWorks™ Software

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