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Water Leak / Moisture


A Water / Leak Sensor is ideal for detecting the presence of water on a floor or in a false ceiling. Leaded wires can be used to reach areas far away from the sensing circuit since you are just measuring impedance of the liquid.  Tap water tends to conduct at several 100kohm so it’s very easy to cover a wide area with a few of these sensors circuits.  With this specific reference design, it’s simple to create a water detector powered by 2 AA batteries (batteries circuit not shown).

Key Documents

  • Overview
  • Block Diagram
  • Schematic
  • BOM
  • Complementary Solutions
Moisture Sensor


•    Off-the-Shelf, Easy to Implement Wireless Solution for Leak & Moisture Detection
•    Optimized for Integration Into a Robust, Self-Healing Mesh Network
•    Fully Compatible with the MeshWorks Platform as well as Standard ZigBee
•    Leverages CEL's Wireless Solutions (HW and SW) for Getting to Production Quickly
•    Easily Connect to the Cloud for State-of-the-Art Monitoring & Control
Block Diagram