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Proximity Sensors are able to detect the presence of nearby objects without any physical contact. They are ideal for devices like parking sensors, ground warning systems and close human body proximity sensing applications.
Industrial wireless open/close sensors provide information on the status of doors, windows, cabinets, etc.  One of the most cost-effective sensor implementations utilizes a simple reed switch & magnetic contact.  Both devices are installed in close proximity to each other on the sides of a door or window; spatial separation forces the opening/closing of the reed switch, triggering an alarm when doors or windows are opened.
By utilizing a multi-axis gyro, simple motion sensing can be employed whereby the relative movement of an asset can wirelessly trigger a notification or alarm.
Impact detection sensors report impacts in real-time, alerting users of potential damage. Users can easily access comprehensive data to analyze the impact and damage.
By utilizing a multi-axis gyro, simple rotational sensing can be employed for industrial applications like lifts ,conveyor belts, mixers, mills, heavy machinery and more.
Industrial-grade compass sensors return the orientation of a device with respect to magnetic north.  These sensors enable the tracking of directional behavior and relative positioning.

Microphones convert sound in the form of acoustic pressure fluctuations into electrical signals. Applications include glass breakage detectors, knock sensors, and noise canceling systems.
Ambient light photo sensors detect the amount of light present within an environment, sending a signal proportional to the amount of light detected to control backlighting and basic on/off light control.

This specific reference design utilizes a dual-purpose IC from Silicon Labs which offers ambient light sensing and proximity sensing capabilities in a single device. This exceptionally small integrated sensor provides ease of implementation as it eliminates the design effort required for separate solutions.