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Ambient Light Sensor


Ambient light photo sensors detect the amount of light present within an environment, sending a signal proportional to the amount of light detected to control backlighting and basic on/off light control.

This specific reference design utilizes a dual-purpose IC from Silicon Labs which offers ambient light sensing and proximity sensing capabilities in a single device. This exceptionally small integrated sensor provides ease of implementation as it eliminates the design effort required for separate solutions.

Key Documents

  • Overview
  • Block Diagram
  • Schematic
  • BOM
  • Complementary Solutions



•    Off-the-Shelf, Easy to Implement Wireless Solution for Ambient Light Sensing
•    Optimized for Integration Into a Robust, Self-Healing Mesh Network
•    Fully Compatible with the MeshWorks Platform as well as Standard ZigBee
•    Leverages CEL's Wireless Solutions (HW and SW) for Getting to Production Quickly
•    Easily Connect to the Cloud for State-of-the-Art Monitoring & Control