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Ambient Light


Ambient light photo sensors detect the amount of light present within an environment, sending a signal proportional to the amount of light detected to control backlighting and basic on/off light control.

This specific reference design utilizes a dual-purpose IC from Silicon Labs which offers ambient light sensing and proximity sensing capabilities in a single device. This exceptionally small integrated sensor provides ease of implementation as it eliminates the design effort required for separate solutions.

Key Documents

  • Overview
  • Block Diagram
  • Schematic
  • BOM
  • Complementary Solutions


  • Transmit Powers:
    • +8 dBm (ZICM357SP0)
    • +20 dBm (ZICM357SP2)
  • Sensitivity:
    • -100 dBm (ZICM357SP0)
    • -103 dBm (ZICM357SP2)
  • RF Link Budget:
    • +108 dB (ZICM357SP0)
    • +123 dB (ZICM357SP2)
  • Advanced Cortex-M3 processor
    • 192 kB Flash; 12 kB SRAM
    • SPI Master / Slave, TWI and UART
    • Timers, Serial Wire / JTAG Interface
    • 5-channel, 14-bit ADC
    • Up to 23 GPIO Pins

 Network Speed: 250 kbps

  • 16 RF Channels
  • Advanced Power Management
  • Software support:
    Industry's premier ZigBee PRO stack: EmberZNet PRO
  • Supports Mesh Networks
  • Integrated PCB Antenna
    • FCC, IC and CE Certifications
  • External Antenna:
    • Optional RF port for External Antenna
    • FCC, IC Certifications for Nearson
      S181AH-2450S Antenna
  • Pin Compatible Mini Modules:
    • +8dBM and +20dBm are pin compatible
    • ZICM357SPx and ZICM3588SPx series are pin compatible
Block diagram