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Certification & Regulatory

Thread: General Questions

ZigBee: General Questions

  • If I purchase certified ZigBee Home Automation devices from different vendors, will they communicate and interoperate with each other?

  • How does ZigBee address security?

  • Is Z-Wave really a standard?

  • Does ZigBee Home Automation coexist with Wi-Fi?

  • Where can I get more information on ZigBee?

BLE: General Questions

  • What is CEL's Role in the Bluetooth SIG?

  • What is the difference between Bluetooth Classic and Bluetooth Low Energy?

  • Does Bluetooth Low Energy support a wireless mesh?

  • Do I need to worry about interference issues between Bluetooth Low Energy and WiFi?

  • What is ATT and GATT?

  • Is BLE secure?

  • Where can I get more information on Bluetooth?

ZigBee/Thread EM35x Mini Module: Hardware

ZigBee/Thread EM35x Mini Module: Software

ZigBee/Thread EM35x Mini Module: Manufacturing

ZigBee/Thread EM35x Mini Module: Networking

  • How many nodes can we have in a network?

  • What is the typical hop latency once the network is setup?

  • Security is a requirement. Can you provide more details about what the ZICM35x chipset supports?

BLE B1010SPx Mini Module: Hardware

BLE B1010SPx Mini Module: Software

BLE B1010SPx Mini Module: Networking